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Phones emit a radio frequency field in the microwave band that interacts with your own bio signaling system, which can over time cause a variety of health problems and raise your risk of cancer. Cancers associated with this radiation include brain tumours (gliomas), acoustic neuromas, meningiomas, salivary gland tumors, eye cancers, testicular cancers and leukemia. In 2008, the year for which we have the most recent statistics, there were 237,913 new cases of brain cancers and about two-thirds of these were gliomas.

What creates the health risks?
In General
Devices emit high and low frequencies. Some signals are analogue (e. g. from mains power and associated appliances) and some are digital. Analogue signal are generally low frequency and its is the magnetic field from these that creates the problem. The waveforms are not sine wave (symmetrical) but sharp (saw tooth) and this creates a disturbing movement of ions across the cell membrane. They can also interfere with brain wave patterns: hence the reasons for separating devices from the brain! High frequencies in phones are digital: the body is not historically exposed to these signals. The main effect is disruption of electromagnetic frequencies used in the body for communication. The end result is that cells and thus organs suffer reduced functioning. Tests using the EIS/EsTeck reveal that the weakest organ is most affected: thus it is not just the brain but systemic effects.

Mobile Phones
The especially damaging part is the high frequencies: the 900 MHz, 1800 MHz signal contains transients and harmonics. These interfere with your cells’ electromagnetic frequencies and your cell-communications. This is not due to the carrier frequencies or sound frequencies, which make the mobile phone work. It is because the mobile signals are being sent in small pulses, not as a continuing frequency. These pulses are put together rapidly so it appears to be a continuous sound, just like a movie becomes alive when a lot of still pictures are put together. These pulses give high peaks and high frequency harmonics that damage your cells. That is also why some experiments show no harm by using mobile telephones, because they are performed with frequency modulators, creating the frequencies with a harmonious waveform. Most studies done with actual mobile telephones demonstrate damage to the cells. According to university studies only 2 minutes use alters the blood brain barrier allowing toxic elements to penetrate the brain. Brain cell function decreases with mobile telephone exposure, and sensitive organs, like the pituitary gland, fail to function properly. This effect gradually decreases after exposure, but there is also cumulative damage to the cells, which increases the risk of brain tumours, and other diseases. There are also low frequency signals from the battery and electronic: these are low frequency (<1000 Hz) and can interfere is a different way with body activities. This is a primary reason for separation.

DECT Phones
Digital phones may seem to be convenient and whilst they operate slightly differently from Mobile Phones that signals have the same damaging characteristics. Separation from they base transmitting station is very important. Safe use of the phone follows the same rules as for mobile phones.

PC’s have both high and low frequency emissions. Hi frequency is from the CPU at 1.2-3.6 Giga Hz. Lower frequencies are from: the rotating hard drive at 5800 or 7200 rpm, ~100 Hz; the transformer: (AC to DC Power Converter) a magnetic field from transforming the low frequency (50-60 Hz) AC (alternating current) (240-1- 50) to DC (direct current) that electronics work with. There can be a significant magnetic emission from some of these. Thus there are two aspects that need attention.