Saferwave for phone
SaferWave for phone includes a Phone unit which reduces the transients and other electromagnetic noise signals that are harmful to your health, thus making the radiation waves safer. It can easily be placed inside the battery compartment in most mobile phones and wireless house phones, and on the back of iPhones. The kit also includes a Headset unit which stops headsets from transferring electromagnetic radiation to the head due to the antenna affect. This is a special ferrite bead that fits on the cable of any cabled headset. SaferWave has been developed over the last 10 years, and beta tested on 7000 phones over the last 6 years. Research facilities in England, Russia and Norway have conducted the research and development process, and the technology is patent pending. SaferWave is the best available technology for protecting you and your loved ones!

SAR and the real problem
The worldwide regulations for mobile phones are all based on keeping the level of radiation below a level that can create a thermal effect. This is measured as SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), and even though it beneficial to also keep the SAR as low as possible, this is not the most important as long as it is well within the legal limits. More than 200 publications demonstrate biological effects from mobile phones at well below legal SAR limits. These effects cannot be measured when the same carrier frequency is generated as a clean signal. Mobile phones communicate through a sequence of short digital pulses, and every time an electromagnetic pulse is generated, a high frequency transient is created. In addition there are several other noise signals created from the mobile phones are communicating with the towers, such as the harmonics in higher octaves induced by the sharp waveform of the signal.

Phone unit
The Phone unit included in SaferWave for phone is a high tech resonance matrix, which reduce the transient effects and all the noise signals to levels and frequencies which are not considered dangerous. Testing show that 98% of the measurable effects of mobile phone radiation is reduced with this unit. All testing has been performed on adults, using medical devices to test the exposure effects after only 10 minute speaking in a mobile phone. The phone unit is a very thin sticker which can fit inside the battery compartments of most phones. A protective sticker is included to be placed outside the matrix when used on an iPhone. A re-use sticker is also included to be placed between the matrix and the phone, to enable SaferWave to be moved when replacing your phone. The phone unit works within all current mobile phone bands as well as DECT phones and other radiation within 0,8 – 2,8 GHz.

The principle of how the SaferWave Phone unit works is a combination of the frequency specific resonance effect, and multiple layers of the matrix enabling altering of the signal. The resonating signal merges with the mobile phone radiation to reduce transients and other noise signals to a safer level. The carrier wave needed for full phone function is unchanged, but the waves are safer and hence the name SaferWave. The resonance effect is what makes a crystal glass sing a high “C” when it is in the room where someone sings a high “C”. It is the physical structure of the crystal which naturally resonates with the high “C”, but not with any other tones. The merging between the phone signal and the resonated signal is according to a law in physics regarding electromagnetic waves.

Headset unit
It is assumed that the long terms effects are also reduced 98% with the phone unit, but to be sure that the increased risk from using mobile phones is optimally reduced, the SaferWave kit also includes a headset unit. This unit makes any cabled headset safer by reducing electromagnetic radiation through the cable, allowing only sound to pass. Tests have shown that headsets without this unit can transmit even more radiation to the head in some occasions. Using a Bluetooth headset is just introducing another potentially dangerous radiation with a very easy access path to the brain.
The Headset unit is a special ferrite bead which works by the same principle as on almost every screen cable, where they prevent electromagnetic radiation from the computer giving distortion on the screen. A Headset with SaferWave headset unit is always recommended for long conversations, frequent mobile phone use, sensitive people, people with increased genetic risk of brain tumors, and for children, who are far more sensitive than adults.

Read more in the SaferWave manual (compressed pdf here)

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PC Unit: SaferWave for PC has two signal modifying units:

Unit 1: for the laptop or desktop. This operates in the same way as SaferWave for phone to reduce effects from the transients and noise induced by digital signals. The disruptive effect is on cell to cell communication.

Unit 2- for the power supply unit (PSU). This may be separate for a laptop or integrated in a desktop. The PSU transforms 230 volts AC to 12 volts DC. This creates an electromagnetic field which penetrates the body. The effect is mainly on cell biological activity.

Both units take the form of attractive holographic stickers. A re-use sticker is also included to be placed between the matrix and the phone, to enable SaferWave to be moved when replacing your PC. A protective sticker is included to be placed outside the matrix.

SaferWave for PC is suitable for all PC’s: laptops, all desktop configurations (standard and integrated), androids, ipads®, tablet and network devices; all manufacturers.