Dr. Victor Vergun, Prof.

Professor in Informational Medicine, ICCIA, Russia. Doctor of Medical Science, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Graduate from Medical Institute of UAFM, and International Association of Traditional Medicine (UNESCO)

Consultant for the Russian Parliament 1993-2001. Achieved several scientific awards in Russia. Author of 2 books and several publications.

Dr. Vergun is the developer of the main technology used in SaferWave.

Dr. John G. Kelsey, Ph.D.

Ph.D. - Doctorate and research expertise in Engineering.
N.D. - Postgraduate in Naturopathy, UK.

Technical Director 1980 to 2000 for all companies within GEE Co. Ltd, a major environmental engineering group in UK.

Vice Chancellor of an independent university associated with frequency based medicine until 2010. Lectured at more than 30 conferences internationally.

Dr. Kelsey is the CEO of SaferWave Ltd, and is managing all operations.


Sadly, Dr John Kelsey died in August 2018.

Thomas Aksnes, Sc.Mgr.

Scientific Manager.
Worldwide renowned scientist within the field of Health Technologies and Electro-Magnetism.

Founder and Research Manager of HealthTech Sciences in Norway.

Main and co-developer of several health technologies used professionally worldwide. Developed a sovereign concept successfully used in more than 200 international clinics.

Aksnes is the Executive of the SaferWave product development.

Fredrik Lübbing, M.Sc.

Master of Science,
Department of Physics, University of Stockholm. Atomic, Molecular, Laser and Solid State physics, Digital, Analog and Solid State electronics, Computer Science and Radiology.

Full time consultant for Ericsson in the 80’s and 90’s. (Telecom Industry)

Research Advisor for the Swedish CAM committee 2001-2005. Pioneer in the Swedish Parliament Health Network, NIKA.

Lübbing is the main physics and telecom consultant for SaferWave development.

Karl E. Arfors, Prof.

Professor in microcirculation and inflammation specialist.
Former Director of Explorative Research at Pharmacia AB (Sweden and USA). Boardmember of Karolinska Innovations AB, Stockholm 1999-2008.

Research focus: Thrombosis, Haemostasis, Ischemia, Free Radicals, Inflammation, Leukocyte adhesion to endothelial cells, and Matrices in the Microcirculation.

Prof. Arfors is a medical research consultant to several Pharmaceutical
companies in the US, as well as to SaferWave Ltd.