Frequently asked question


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Why should I not use a phone if pregnant or near a baby or child?

Cells use DNA to form the pattern for new cells. If the DNA becomes corrupted less healthy cells are produced. There is substantial evidence that DNA is compromised by mobile phone radiation.

Will I feel the difference – before and after effect?

This depends on whether you feel any effects when using a phone. Some people experience effects like dizziness or headaches after use. If so then the i approach reduces this for most people. If you do have symptoms the please use all 3 recommendations (SaferWave foil, headset with ferrite and the personal safe use aspects like separation.

I don’t have any symptoms from phone use, so why do I need SaferWave protection?

Tests indicate that phones have an effect even when you don’t experience any effects. We generally only have effects or symptoms when the body is unable to control an issue, is making us aware of this and asking for our help! The effects are progressive, cumulative and when they have added up to a certain level you will experience an effect. The key is to be aware of the potential dangers and follow the “precautionary principle”-  assume there is an issue and take sensible protective measures.

How do I know this will work?

The problems of phones have been validated by experts in physics and biological physics. It is acknowledged that transients are the primary issue (see How SaferWave works in the user manual) and that harmonics and the biologically disruptive effects of sharp peaks are also important. The problems that SaferWave addresses are scientifically valid. The demonstration that SaferWave works is by the reduction of effects of your biological operations, at cell level. You have over 70 trillion cells. The clinical tests were undertaken in multiple Scandinavian clinics using the EIS, a medically certified assessment device. (See Testing SaferWave in the user manual)

Will this work on my iPad 3G and/or other tablets with 3G/UMTS?

Yes but is 25% less effective than with 2G/GSM. All phones have a selection for GSM which is excellent for all operations except movie watching or heavy internet usage. So this is an important practical element. You also have to take sensible measures. Options are explained in the user manual.

Why are some people
affected more that others?
They have weaker, less stress resilient cells. Phone signals are a stress, they place a demand on cell activity. When cells become sufficiently weak symptoms are experienced.

Does it wear out?

Abrasion can affect the SaferWave foil performance. SaferWave supplies a protective over-sticker for sue on laptops and when sued externally on phones (e.g. iPhone) that are sued without a protective case.

Does it have a limited life
No. Unlike some devices they have an unlimited working life.


How far does the SaferWave phone protection extend to?
SaferWave is designed to protect the user. It has an effective radius of about 1 metre.

I want to buy one for each person in for my big family. Do I get a discount? 

We have a standard discount package of 4 SaferWave units for the price of 3.

I want to buy one for each one in my company and we have 50 employees. Do we get a discount?

We have a standard discount package of 4 SaferWave units for the price of 3. For larger quantities we would be pleased to have a specific discussion.

I live in Norway. Do you ship to all countries?

SaferWave products are available in and are shipped to all countries.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping is included in the total price, anywhere in the world.

I only use hands-free when I talk in my mobile phone. What will Saferwave do for me?

That is a foundation for safer use. Separation from the phone reduces the effect of some harmful aspects. However digital signals, the form that phones use, have an effect even at very low intensities. The nature of the digital signal means that even at very low intensities it has a disruptive effect on cell behavior. SaferWave addresses this aspect.

I use Bluetooth- is that not enough?

Bluetooth removes the more intense phone signal from the brain area and that is in principle good. However the phone has an effect wherever it is located (although the focus is on the brain, tests show that the weakest organ is also affected e.g. the kidneys, heart). Thus the same SaferWave principles apply. Bluetooth signals will have an effect in the head area which will be slowly progressive.

Is SaferWave better than the other products that say they do the same?

Other products do not work on the same principle (patent pending) as SaferWave. They do not address or even pretend to address the same key problem issues that SaferWave does (transients, harmonics, sharp peaked waveforms). If a system does not address the key identified issues it is unlikely to have a significant benefit. Absorbing the waveform means the phone will amplify the signal. Radio waves travel round corners- diverting or blocking the signal means the waveform just takes a different route. Even a low strength signal has an effect.

Why do you use cell vitality as a foundation for protective effect?

Cell operation is fundamental to well being. People with chronic fatigue and the elderly have low cell vitality: vitality is affected and certain functions are compromised. It is a solid, reproducible and very informing measurement. It has a reproducibility of better than ± 5%. It was also used to test other devices on the market. These showed between 5 and 30% benefit.

Other device testing approaches

Before developing SaferWave a  review of the literature and device seller’s sites did not reveal any reproducible data. No staged trials (test in an EMF free environment, then with a protected phone, then with an unprotected phone) have been presented  Other test systems that have been used include aura (biofield) measurements, meridian/ acupuncture point measurements, blood clumping tests and kinesiology muscle testing. The body has several layers that have some interconnection. There is the biofield (aura) outside the body, the acupuncture meridian system near the surface of the body and the physiology (as represented in cell activity.) sufficiently  reproducible.  Acupuncture meridians are connected with organ vitality and offer a potential for useful, information. However systems used for mobile phone testing have an operator controlled measurement probe. The application pressure changes the measurement. It is not independent, it can be manipulated by the operator. Blood tests are often only temporary. Muscle testing results vary with the question asked. EIS testing, as used for SaferWave, are solid, scientific and reporoduceable.

Why do you only claim up to 98% effectiveness?

That is the lowest figure measured. Some people experience 100% protection when using the SaferWave approach. We hypothesize that there are aspects that are unknown and also there maybe slight differences between phones.

Why is it not just the brain?

Tests were undertaken in the normal worst situation, with the phone held to the head. Clinical tests found that that the weakest organ was the most affected e.g. the kidneys, heart.

Why is a protector included?

Abrasion can affect the SaferWave foil performance. SaferWave supplies a protective over-sticker for sue on laptops and when sued externally on phones (e.g. iPhone) that are sued without a protective case.

Can I transfer it to a different phone?
SaferWave mobile phone units are supplied with 4 under-stickers. These are placed on the phone under the SaferWave foil. The foil can be removed and applied on another under-sticker on a different phone.


Can I test it with an E’smog meter?
The key is to reduce the harmful effects without affecting phone performance. That is what SaferWave does. E’smog meters measure the intensity or power of a signal. When using a phone the intensity of the signal on the strength bar is important, but for a particular reason. The stronger the signal, the less power the phone needs to use during it most health affecting operation, talking (when the phone is transmitting). If you reduce the power then the phone has an amplifier to increase the signal. This is an inbuilt compensation (and self defeating approach). If you reduce the power the phone may eventually work less effectively.