This is a 16 min. documentary about mobile phone radiation, how it can impact your health, and how SaferWave solves the problem.
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What is Saferwave?
SaferWave is the best available technology for protecting you and your loved ones from mobile phone and PC radiation.

* SaferWave removes up to 98% of the biological effects of radiation on your body.
* SaferWave does not in any way compromise the function of your mobile phone or PC.
* SaferWave fits all phones and PCs, and can later be moved to your new model.

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Saferwave PRODUCTS
SaferWave for phone includes a Phone unit which reduces the transients and other noise signals that are harmful to your health, thus making the waves safer. It can easily be placed inside the battery compartment in most mobile phones and dect phones, and on the back of iPhones. It also includes a Headset unit which stops headsets from leading radiation to the head due to the antenna affect. This is a special ferrite bead that fits on the cable of any cabled headset. SaferWave for Phone is available now, while SaferWave for PC is now available with one unit for all forms of radiation from PCs, and another unit for the dirty electrosmog from the power supply.